How To Make Your Penis Larger Like Porn Stars?

Are you interested in enjoying several hours of sex? Do you want to delight your girl with wild feelings? Do you wish to reach a late but powerful climax? If yes, you will find this article useful. Unlike conventional men, porn stars have the wit to delight any girl. They are big and masculine. Meanwhile, their penis is bigger than many other things! So, how do male porn stars get a big penis? What makes them successful in bed? Read on, and find three different remedies for this question.

The presence of a big penis is considered as a result of good genetics. However, when you watch adult videos, you will know that there is a lot more to this size. The truth is male porn stars have some simple secrets. They do things to enlarge the size of their penis.

A noticeable change

Once I watched a male adult video and I was astonished to see how fast a man’s penis would grow. Firstly, I noticed that these men did not have huge penis in the beginning. Their sex organ was normal and non-erect. However, few minutes before the actual process, these men would tug their penis! They tend to pull their sex organ, release it and repeat the entire process several times. As a result, their penis appears bigger. This induces a noticeable change. Moreover, you will see these prudent changes, when you watch several porn films!

A visual trick!

Another visual trick performed by porn stars involves the process of shaving the public hair. This is performed by every other porn performer! Male or female, anyone into the business should shave their pubic hair. This tends to make their penis look bigger. If you haven’t tried it, trust me, you are missing lots of fun. A complete shave around the penis and mainly in its base will make the sex organ big!

Follow the Jelq Technique

Finally, porn stars make use of Jelq exercises. This a technique that enhances the penis size permanently. The exercise involves the process of striking the penis repeatedly. As the penis reaches its semi-erect state, it will become larger. The strokes must be slow and steady. It should not make the sex organ red! Of course, when you do the trick several times, you will master the technique. Consequently, the Jelq exercise owes to make the penis bigger!

Why Did I Talk To A Japanese Porn Star? Read On, To Figure It Out!

Few years ago, I used to date this beautiful girl, she was cute and exceptionally crazy, but she had the guts to be anything in bed. My girl and I used to watch many porn films together. We enjoyed the movies and had the habit of imitating the stars! Well, doesn’t this sound interesting? The porn movies took us through cloud nine. There were some great times and few boring ones. Practically, my girlfriend tried many things to keep me happy. Nevertheless, I left her disappointed most of the time! In spite of my efforts and passion, I was not able to make love like those models. Consequently, I kept wondering how those male models last so long!

My Personal Experience

One night, I was forced to endure an embarrassing moment! I reached my climax, well before my girl started. This was when I began to hunt for remedies against this scenario! Luckily, I am in Japan, which is exceptionally popular for its adult industry. I asked my close buddies and checked if they knew anyone in that area. Surprisingly, most of my friends had this problem. And it was very easy to get in touch with porn stars. To be more precise, you can meet an adult porn star in few short hours.

My Talk With A Porn Star

As I met a male model, he was ready to share his priceless secrets. Firstly, he warned me that male models cannot last longer than an average man! Thus, producers take several scenes and stitch them together. All these scenes would look similar and alike. Thus, viewers would regard it as a continuous move. On the other hand, there are few strategies that will help you last longer. Here is a quick overview through some of his points:

  1. You Effort -Experience male models tend to make use of customized condoms. These condoms have desensitizing creams. The cream has to be used in very small quantities. However, the creams can be bought from many pharmacies and shops. If you are a beginner, condoms with desensitizing creams will confer you with excellent and remarkable results. Meanwhile, the cream owes to produce immediate results.
  2. Your Position – Secondly, if you are about to reach a climax too quickly, you should change your sex position. When you change the type of stimulation or the actual posture, you will witness wonders. This is a great way to enjoy sex and last longer.
  3. You Thoughts -Thirdly, try to think of many things except sex! When you are about to reach a climax, dream of a recent porn star, focus on football or fine tune your thoughts towards bills. As you change your concentration and think differently, you will have more time on bed.

A final note!

Finally, the porn star asked me to practice. If your girl is willing and interested, have sex for at least three times a day! This will help you master the art.


Benefits Of Japanese Porn

Lately I have been hearing lots of news about the drawbacks, badness and illegal nature of pornography. To be more precise, Japan porn has being subject to serious criticisms in the past few years. Thus, I thought I should write something about the fact that people are overlooking the subject with an evil eye. And there is no need to hype or worry about Japan sex! I would like to focus on the interesting nature of Japanese porn, the benefits of their adult videos (av) and the economical stand they enjoy. Read on, try to broaden the scope of your thoughts and desires.

These are my thoughts

Before we move on, I wish to stress on the notion that I am a true professional and I don’t intend to advocate on pornography. I am not interested in talking about the moral values of japanese sex. Also, I am not asking anyone to become a part of the industry. These are personal thoughts and opinions. To be more precise, I am about to counter-attack the misty statements casted on pornography in recent times.

Is Japan Porn a Healthy form of Tips and Tacs?

Firstly, it is quite interesting to note that Japanese porn is a form of sexual education. In this modern era, no one feels shy or intimidated by the sound of SEX! Instead, sex education begins in schools and ends in homes. So, why are people against the presence of Japanese av that talks about this topic boldly? Recent surveys prove that kids and adolescents who are kept away from sex topics will be sexually unhealthy and incept. Thus, using Japan porn as a form of sex education implies no harm. It would answer many curious questions. It will remove the child’s enthusiasm in sex! As a parent, I believe that Japan porn spoke about many things that I was unwilling to address or learn about.

Does the enthralling industry produce lots of Jobs?

Secondly, Japanese porn has induced an economic stimulus. I do agree with the fact that pornography is not the planet’s biggest industry; nevertheless, there are so many porn videos out there. Moreover, Japan porn tops this market. So, where would the market be in years to come? Doesn’t it make lots of profits and provide loads of jobs? Of course, every other form of employment is counted in any developing nation. Also, models who make money out of these jobs will appreciate their income, even though it is not an ideal job!

Is Japan Porn Legal?

How many of you consider Japanese porn as a legit business? Models who are part of the industry believe that their income is absolutely legal. They say that their Japanese av is seen and watched by several millions. So, if it is bad and illegal, the sites must have being blocked long time ago! This clearly proves that Japan porn is accepted around the world. To be more precise, the videos are enjoyed by many viewers!

What make Japanese Porn Safe?

There is a thin line between pornography and prostitution. Models who don’t enter into pornography will become prostitutes some day. This a statement proved by many professionals and analysts. Thus, in the broader view, Japanese porn has conferred such models a professional and more reliable job! At all times, pornography is much safer than prostitution. For instance, porn stars are governed by many rules and regulations. They are protected from STD and few other laborious moves. Consequently, porn safeguards the model’s virtues and health! In other words, Japanese porn is regarded as a safe place for models.